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Types Of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Beach Cover-Ups

· Swimsuit cover ups

(i) Wrap

This is the most common DIY cover-up that you can come up with. A wrap is stylish, classy, and gorgeous. Just like the best bathing suit cover ups, it serves the function of adding more coverage to your thighs and hips while still looking stylish.

You don’t need to spend money on getting a sarong which works the same way a wrap does. Look for a wrap that matches your swimsuit to get that perfectly put-together look.

A wrap can be a headscarf or a neck scarf that has a great pattern or print. This can be something you use during the cold months of autumn where a heavy scarf is not needed.

Women's DIY beach wrap

(ii) Button-Up Shirt

If you have extra button-up shirts that you never wear this is the perfect time to pull them out. Also, you can borrow one from your boyfriend or brother and look good at the beach. This is easier to throw on when going to the pool and they look stylish.

Additionally, they are easy to remove once you reach the beach or pool. The key to a great button-up shirt is to look for one that is loose-fitting. This is because a tight shirt will make you sweat and feel hot under the summer sun.

Women's button up shirt for the beach

(iii) Poncho

If you love the look of wearing a poncho, you can transform them into beach wear. They are loose-fitting and give your body a streamlined look.

Additionally, the bathing suits are stylish and look great all the time. You can pair them with shorts or not it all depends on your taste. Ensure that the poncho you choose is light and roomy. The job of any beach cover is to give you enough room to breathe and stay cool.

Get your pair of flip flops and glasses and head out to the pool or beach. Relax at the pool, and when it’s time to take a swim, you can easily remove the poncho.

women's poncho for the beach
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